A Walk Down Memory Lane

Writing of history serves many purposes. It records events, explains the rationale of the events and attempts to evaluate the causes and consequences of the same. Above all, to many it gives a colourful panorama of nostalgic memories to mull over and relish. Parallelly, there is also a great danger in dwelling upon the glories of the past and ignoring the lessons it contains. The history of the KMA is written with the intention to get motivated by the lessons from the past and establish a solid foundation for the future

Cochin was a sleepy little town in the 1950’s. The State of Kerala had just been formed in November 1956 and the Communist Government headed by E.M.S.Namboodiripad was yet to become a reality.P.S.Rao , formerly of the Indian Civil Service, was the Governor who administered over the State with the help of his advisers. Cochin City had not come into existence and the three Municipalities of Ernakulam, Mattanchery and Fort Cochin were functioning separately.





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