KMA provides a host of services to meet the growth needs of the Managers. KMA Membership offers many benefits. Members will be able to interact with others and enrich their experiences by participating in a variety of programmes like Lecture Meetings, Panel Discussions, Seminars and Training Workshops etc. organized by the Association.

If you are not already a member of KMA, why not consider becoming one filling in the membership form? The best benefit that a member derives by joining the KMA is the innumerable opportunities that are available to him for interaction with the managerial community from this part of the State.

There are different types of Membership offered by KMA such as Corporate and Associate Corporate Membership, Ordinary Individual and Associate Individual Membership, Student Membership etc. The current membership strength is over 1500, including about 230 Institutional Members.

Categories of Membership

An Organisational Member shall consist of any firm or company engaged in trade, commerce or industry. Organisation Members can be of 2 classes.

  • Corporate Members (eligible to nominate four representatives for KMA programmes).
  • Associate Corporate Members (eligible to nominate two representatives for the programme of the Association)

An individual possessing a University Degree and having managerial experience of at least 3 years in an industrial/commercial/service enterprise, Government/armed forces or having 3 years experience in teaching management subjects in a reputed educational institution may be considered for individual membership, provided that an individual who falls short of the prescribed qualification may also be considered for membership if he/she has at least 10 years managerial experience as above and fulfills all other requirements. In exceptional cases the above requirements may be waived at the discretion of the Managing Committee.

A Professional Individual Member (PIM) of AIMA (Fellow, Member and Associate Member) whose area of activity falls within the jurisdiction of KMA will automatically become a Member of the Association.

An individual who is working in the managerial cadre in the corporate sector, or his own business of considerable magnitude, but does not have sufficient years of experience to qualify for Ordinary Individual Membership can take up Associate Individual Membership of KMA. He will not however have any voting right.

An individual who has attained the age of 18 years and is a student of management at the Graduate or Postgraduate level in a recognized institution is eligible to become a Student Member. He should not be employed or in own business. He will not have any voting right.

All those who are eligible to become Ordinary Individual Members shall be eligible for enrolment as Life Members of the Association if they pay the entrance fee and 10 times the prevailing Annual Subscription as a lump sum payment.

Those individual who had completed 60 years of age are eligible for Senior Life Membership of the Association, if they pay the entrance fee and 5 times the prevailing Annual subscription as a lump sum payment.

Startup Member: A Private Limited Company/ LLP/ Partnership Firm registered with the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry and KSUM as a start-up entity, within five years of its registration as a start-up, for a period of three years.

Subscription Fees

The present rates of entrance fee and annual subscription are as under.

Category of Membership Entrance Fee Annual Subscription One time payment GST Total No Of Nominees
Ordinary Individual Members 3000 3000 Na 1080 7080 1
Individual Life Membership [Life time] 3000 Na 30000 5940 38940 1
"Individual Life Membership [Life time] (Senior Citizens)" 3000 Na 15000 3240 21240 1
Associate Corporate Members 10000 7500 Na 3150 20650 2
Corporate Members 20000 15000 Na 6300 41300 4
Startup Member 3000 2000 Na 900 5900 2 No Voting Rights
Student Members - 2 years (all inclusive) 1500 1500 1

Interested in becoming a KMA Member?